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Establishing and Maintaining Liability Protection for Business Owners

Protecting your company against lawsuits and legal actions related to … Continue reading

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Important Steps for Buying an Existing Business

The whole point of buying a business is to make … Continue reading

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Commercial Property Damage Insurance Claims and Resolution

Commercial property insurance protects a business in the event of … Continue reading

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Filing Letters of Incorporation in Texas

Preparing and filing your company’s articles of incorporation is the … Continue reading

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Dealing with Debt Collection: Proven Strategies for Consumers and Businesses

Constant phone calls from debt collectors can put real stress … Continue reading

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Katy Estate Planning for Small Business Owners in Texas

As a small business owner, making sure your assets are … Continue reading

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Civil Appeals in the State of Texas

Pursuing an appeal in the Texas court system requires a … Continue reading

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Real Estate Foreclosure Laws in Texas

Texas is a title theory state. This means that the … Continue reading

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